We’re in the heart of winter and it’s a drizzly day in Central Oregon. Visited by unannounced howling winds and gusts of snowfall, the unpredictability is as predictable as ever for the citizens of Bend. Those not confined to their homes will leave to exercise in commercial fitness gyms, or the bravest among us will visit Mount Bachelor for some icy skiing.

What better time for a mobile personal trainer? That is not what I will discuss today, however. The topic I’d like to touch upon is Vitamin D3, it’s importance, and why it is a necessity for muscle growth.

When we experience tumultuous changes in weather (as in Bend, Oregon), we need to address a lack of sunlight with supplement use. Vitamin D3 is of utmost importance when the weather is too cold to venture outside for the required 20+ minutes of sunlight needed per day.

In regard to fitness levels, Vitamin D3 can promote strength, increased muscle protein synthesis, and reduce body fat as well as improved testosterone levels (this is beneficial for women as well). Other benefits include healthy bones, reduced risk of flu, cancer prevention, and reduced risk of diabetes.

WebMD recommends that healthy adults supplement with 2,000 IU of Vitamin D per day- make sure it is D3 (cholecalferol) which is more potent than D2. If you prefer to stay indoors or are forced indoors by the Central Oregon weather, make sure to supplement with Vitamin D to reach your optimal fitness levels.