We’ve all seen the ripped fitness models in magazines like Men’s Health, Shape, etc. but how accurate are these representations of Godlike physiques?  There are many problems with modeling yourself after these fitness allstars- and I am going to go over 3 reasons why.  Often these models are not as healthy as you think they are.

  1.  Often these models are taking thousands of dollars worth of illegal steroids to achieve their physique.  Notice a guy with extra larger-than-life trapezius muscles?  Big indicator of steroids.  A woman who is so veiny that she looks like a paper cut could kill her?  Again- steroids can have effects like these.  In the long run, steroids can cause horrible effects- such as heart attacks.  Since steroids are illegal, it is very difficult to know how much you need to take for desired effects and safety, so it is extremely dangerous.
  2. These models are often doing extreme dieting before their photo shoots to appear ripped.  Bodybuilders and fitness models are known to drastically cut their calories and then increase carbohydrate intake dramatically before a shoot to appear veiny and toned.  This isn’t healthy, and is not even close to a good long-term diet plan.  It is often said that bodybuilders are at their WEAKEST during a competition show, when they appear the most ripped.  The important takeaway from this is that these fitness models do not ALWAYS look like they do in the magazine.  Often they might only look that good for a few days before they go back to normal.
  3. These models are often genetic freaks, that peddle supplements and diet plans that would normally not be effective for average people.  Men on youtube often have very similar workout routines but vary drastically in their muscle tone- and much of this is attributed to genetics.  So don’t beat yourself up if you follow these models’ diet/exercise plans and don’t look exactly like them.  Often they were just born that way.  Focus on what you CAN do for your own body, learn your body inside and out, and you will be successful.