A food journal can be massively useful for beginners on their journey to weight loss.  Most people have no idea how many calories they consume, let alone what foods they even ate that day.  Diet plays a huge role in fat loss, muscle gain, and overall health in general.

A food journal is useful because it brings AWARENESS to what you are eating (and drinking) during the day.  A client of mine recently had no idea why she was gaining weight (she had been struggling to lose weight despite working out 3x a week with me).  I had her fill out 2 days worth of food journaling, taking into account everything from supplements to alcohol ingested. What we found was surprising…

Going over this particular client’s food journal, I found a shocking discovery- she had been drinking at least 5 alcoholic drinks per day.  Not only is this bad for your overall health, but alcohol can be a big calorie dump.  She had been drinking vodka sodas- which is one of the less caloric dense drinks, but still packing 100 calories or more per serving (most likely more, because bartenders tend to over pour).  We found that just in drinks alone she was adding about ~500 calories PER DAY in just alcohol (essentially empty calories).

This client saw the results, and decided to quit alcohol for a month.  Just 3 days in, she lost 13 POUNDS!  It seemed that somehow the alcohol + the calories from it were really hampering her weight loss before, but now that she had cut it loose, the fat was magically disappearing.

I would encourage anyone reading this to purchase food journals, and if you are a personal trainer- purchasing food journals for your clients can be a great way to improve your services (and eventually charge more + help clients more!).

The food journals I’ve been using for my clients can be found here- https://amzn.to/2VeX0BT