Mini Bands- referring to the smaller variety (commonly wrapped around the legs), are incredibly useful tools for in-home workouts.  In this brief post, I will go over 2 of my favorite moves that you can do in your living room.

* If you don’t have mini bands of your own, I use the Fit Simplify variety available here-  *

#1- Lateral band walks and monster band walks.

Wrap the band around the top of your knees, and assume a mid-squat position (as if getting ready to sit in a chair).  Slowly walk sideways, back and forth, while keeping your butt squeezed and belly tight.  This is a great exercise for the hips and glutes.  Go for about 1-2minutes per set.

#2- Band external rotations.  This is a great exercise for improving your shoulder stability.  Hold the band in both hands with elbows in and bent at 90 degrees.  Pull your hands out and away from you, while keeping the elbows in, and twist your hands outward (opening the palms).  Keep your shoulders down and back. Do about 15-20 until you feel a burn in your shoulders, then take a break and do 1 more set.

Practice these 2 movements in your home, and watch as your joints become more stable and stronger.