I was microwaving my leftover coffee last week and I realized something. We spend so much time during the day microwaving, reheating our coffee or meals, or heating up our tea.  What do you normally do during those seconds of microwave time.  Most people really don’t do much of anything, besides wait.  I decided to change this by spending the time doing an exercise.  Wall-sits.

My legs are one of my larger weaknesses, having suffered a knee injury 5 years ago.  This made it difficult to train legs hard, and for a long time I couldn’t train legs at all, much less walk.  Over the years I built up my glutes and hamstring muscles, but my quads were always lagging behind.  Queue the wall-sits.  In total I probably microwave about 10-15 minutes a day-  this time is now all spent wall-sitting!

In the past week I have noticed significant improvement in my ability to do the wall-sit.  I started out barely going deep in the stance at all, just a slight knee bend, and could maybe last 30 seconds.  Now I am doing 3 minute sets while heating up large meals!

Benefits of Wall Sits-

  1. Great for knee stability & safe on the knees.
  2. Isometrically strengthens the quadriceps muscles.
  3. Builds your thighs so that you are stronger in other lifts like the squat and lunge.
  4. Increased muscle endurance and mental toughness.
  5. Awesome for developing your posture- it goes against “desk” posture which involves keeping your head forward while staring at your computer.  Sometimes during the wall squat I will push the back of my head into the wall (while tucking my chin) to strengthen the weaker neck muscles.
  6. You can work on your phone while you do them!  I actually completed several courses in the Duolingo App (Spanish).

There are so many more minutes in the day than we give credit to.  Use them wisely.  A final tip- wall sits are just one of many exercises you can do with minutes at a time.  In future blog posts I will add others.  However some easy ones off the top of my head are pushups on the counter (if your arms are weak) or alternating reverse lunges.  I like wall-sits because they directly target the quadriceps and are correlated directly with the timer (not to mention I can multitask).  You could also do planks, if you have masochistic tendencies and want to torture yourself.