Meet Our Trainers

John Peters

My name is John Peters and I am a certified personal trainer with my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science.  I’ve been obsessed with health and fitness since I was 13 years old, and have learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to stay injury free on your journey to perfect health.  I have a very high retention rate as a trainer because my clients know that they are always improving each and every session!  Join me and let’s accomplish your fitness goals together!


Shantyel Bowman

My name is Shantyel Bowman and I’m so happy to have your interest in fitness and for you to be the pilot in your overall well-being! The journey starts NOW! I grew up in Bend, Oregon and I absolutely love the outdoors and staying active. I have had a passion for exercise and activity all of my life, whether that be organized sports leagues, hiking, playing frisbee or lifting in the gym. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer and I’m looking forward to sharing my love of exercise and the importance of life-balance with you. I additionally have my Masters Degree in Athletic Training, where I care for all injuries and ailments that happen in athletics. My love for exercise, and experience with injuries and rehabilitation help create a holistic approach to personal training by making sure your exercise prescription is right for YOU!


Jessica Jones

Former 12 year Military Veteran turned Yogi/Personal Trainer….Being in the Army was hands down one of the greatest physical and mental challenges in my years around the sun.  It along with Yoga has transformed my life in ways I would have never thought…Following my time in the military I began exploring the “gentler” more “Yin” side of fitness.. Being rather new to the world of Yoga I had a first-hand experience to a rather Eye opening transformational moment during a Yoga retreat… at the time I had no idea that this was just the beginning of my current journey into personal training, teaching and all things fitness related… Finally finding the Mind Body Balance I had been seeking..  Always having been an avid fan of anything fitness related, seeking new challenges in order to grow I decided to dive in head first to what felt like my calling.  I received my 200 hr YTT in Costa Rica in 2018 then expanded from there to receive an additional 150hrs combined Yin intensive training thru Tula Movement Arts Bend Or and Asheville NC yoga center. I offer knowledge thru real life experience, practice and training/certifications..  I then went on to receive my Personal Training Certificate thru IFPA along with my XGT certification and Inferno Hot Pilates training, all providing even further extensive knowledge into HIIT, Boot Camp, Circuit style workouts and more. I am a believer in practicing a variety of fitness modalities keeping the body young and vital. Exercise truly can be fun it just depends upon the ‘lens’ you Choose to look out of.  Mindset to Mastery.. I find passion and joy from helping others grow and heal thru breath & movement as I once did.  Being witness to that transformation in becoming of the students next higher self through work and determination is hands down one the biggest rewards I have found as a coach, trainer, teacher & guide.  “Shine Bright..Stay Strong..Love Big”…Namasta