“I started with John Peters about three and a half months ago. I have been suffering with neck pain for a long time. I have used heating pads which only give me temporary relief. After training with John for a very short period of time, my neck pain is gone. I have also lost 30+ pounds and 9% body fat. I would recommend John to everyone. He is a very good trainer with a contagious laugh. He truly cares about the people he trains. I am very thankful to have met John and have him for my trainer.”
– Judy Worley, 78

“Started here just a couple weeks ago but I love the atmosphere! John is the best trainer I’ve ever had! Really motivating me to get myself back into my prime! Highly recommend stopping in and asking John for a free assessment!”
– Kevin Peters, 27

“I’ve always been a little intimidated to hit the weight lifting heavily because of the fear of injuries. I started working out with John Peters and now I am feeling really comfortable!! He has really dialed in my technique so I can up my weights and feel confident that I am lifting properly to prevent injury. Thanks John for changing the game!!”
– Alice Fairbairn, 32

“Finally got myself a personal trainer after trying to do it by myself for years. Highly recommend John. Now that he’s been training me I’m seeing results that I’ve never seen before. Working muscles I didn’t know I had. He’s also helped with leg endurance for running. Go see him if u want positive change!!!”
– Lindsey Hood, 28

“I’ve been training with John for over a month now and have seen a significant increase in my strength and form. I have also lost 5 pounds and have a way more energy! Johns workouts are always different and challenging (not to mention a blast!!). I would highly recommend John Peters to anyone!”
– Jackie Bulthuis, 29

“In the past six months, since working out with John, I have noticed significant changes in my overall strength and physique. I am lifting heavier than I ever have, and my form and imbalances have improved as well. He has pushed me to limits I never thought I could reach! Working out with John is always fun, and he always comes prepared with a good energy. John is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with!”
– Daryl Bulthuis, 28

“In our mid-sixties, my wife and I were tired of weight gain and feeling tired and just plain out of shape. We decided to join a gym and signed up with John Peters of Mobile Personal Training to help guide us through safe exercise and weight equipment use. We change up our diet, following the Weight Watchers program. With John’s guidance over the last 3 months, I’ve lost 30 lbs and my wife has lost 25 lbs. We both have lots inches around our waists and gained a lot more strength in all the muscle groups. We are really pleased with John’s training and look forward to a healthier lifestyle and better fitness.”

-Dave & Karen Finkel, 65

“John has been amazing to work with since the beginning! He has the ability to train anyone at any level of fitness which makes him very approachable & accessible. The training sessions leave you feeling encouraged, empowered and ready for more. After my first session with John, I knew I had to figure out a way to work with him on a weekly basis. As a working mom, I currently struggle with balancing all aspects of my life – especially exercise. Working with John has reminded me of my passion for strength training & overall physical fitness. Thank you so much. I highly recommend John for all your personal training needs!”

-Emden Griffin, 34

“Not everyone likes going to the gym or has time to meet a trainer at the gym.
John dedicates his time to his clients and works with you on your time schedule. There’s truly no excuse not to work out and John makes it incredibly easy to set up a session.

He is very flexible, for example he’s meet me at the gym in my apartment complex on my lunch brake, a park close by because the weather was so nice, he will even travel in the SNOW and ice so you don’t have to.

Give this guy a go! He makes you feel better about yourself, and encourages you with positive energy.”

-Madeline Burwell, 27

“If you are looking for personalized training with a trainer who pushes you to be your best and helps you achieve your goals, John is your guy! He is always 100% focused on your training needs and is always ready to give you his best as well. I’ve been training with John for about 3 months now and I’ve seen all around improvement in my workouts. Most importantly for me is that I’ve FELT improved in that I am achieving new personal bests in my weight training that I never thought possible! John is the only coach who’s ever gotten me to do proper push-ups, that’s enough right there.”

-Giovanni Ramirez, 30

“John is reliable, uplifting, and a great resource to keep me on my fitness goals. Why go to a gym when he comes right to your house with everything!”

-Kevin Kraft, 40

“I am in the best shape of my life and I look forward to exercising every day. John always has a new workout planned for me each session, so I am never bored when I go to the gym like I used to be.”

-Matthew Kiewiet, 29

“John is super knowledgeable when it comes to strength training! Couldn’t recommend him more!”

Garrett Ahlberg, 27