Working out from home can be a pleasurable way to achieve peak fitness levels. Getting ready, driving to the gym, getting a workout in, changing, and driving home again can take a large chunk of time out of your day. Not only that, but working out in a gym-setting poses it’s own set of challenges.

Some notable problems with working out in a gym are:


-Lack of fitness equipment.

-Too many people.

-Not enough help with workouts.

-Poor instruction on exercises/equipment.

-Takes 10-20 minutes to drive back/forth to the gym.

-Monthly fees and maintenance fees.

-Terrible for those who are self-conscious.

-Not great for beginners.

-Too loud!

Now I’ll lay out the benefits of working out at home with a Certified Personal Trainer:

-Learn to workout anywhere (including at home!)


-No distractions!

-Personalized attention.

-Save money on gas and add hours of time to your own schedule.

-No equipment required (I can supply it).

-Perfect for those who have never worked out or advanced athletes alike.

-No more excuses!

So why use a trainer at home instead of P90X or other workout videos? As a weightlifter and lifelong fitness fanatic, I can honestly say that training with someone else (who is experienced) makes a massive difference. Having a trainer by your side will cancel out your excuses and raise your training intensity, to the point where your body must adapt and grow stronger (build muscle, lose fat, etc.). Imagine if Tony Horton from P90X were in your living room- you’d work out twice as hard! Besides higher intensity workouts, you will also have someone making sure your form is correct (extremely important!), your training is periodized (gets more difficult with each week/month), and your training is specific to your goals!