If weightlifting is more your style and a gym setting doesn’t intimidate you, opt for this option! Lifting heavy (with a personal trainer by your side) can deliver amazing results in short periods of time! While in-home and outdoor training require more creativity, weight training in a gym can result in gains from very few exercises (done with high intensity).

We will be using Xcel Fitness of Bend as our gym. I’ve been working out there for years and it is my preferred gym in Bend, Oregon because of it’s vast array of equipment, good size, and low traffic (if you go at the right time).

Some of the pros of working out in a gym are:

-Access to an abundance of equipment and exercise options (including free weights, cables, cardio, and machines).

-Large floor space for doing plyometrics and olympic lifting.

-More options with regard to weightlifting.

-Lift heavier weights.

-More bodybuilding/muscle building centered.

-Enjoy the company of other gym members (who love fitness as much as you do!).

-Access to the gym 24/7 with membership sign-up.

-Expert staff on hand to answer questions.

-Share your results with others (accountability).

-Work out with others who have similar goals!

If you’ve mastered in-home and outdoor training, I strongly encourage you to try working out in a gym-setting for new mastery and upgraded results!