When I was 20 years old I joined a wilderness retreat in Duluth, Minnesota. I figured I needed some time in nature to really find myself before going back to college. Addicted to fitness and working out at the gym, I had to find a way to continue my exercise routines- only this time I was without any equipment, cardio machines, or free weights. I quickly adapted to my new environment, using tree branches, rocks, and bodyweight exercises to keep up my fitness levels. The results surprised me- by the time we returned after 30 days I did not recognize myself in the mirror. I had become ripped from the workouts and the hiking (in only 30 days)!

My goal with you is to bring back this same raw, paleolithic type training, but with new routines and additional equipment.

Together we can sculpt your perfect physique with the nature that surrounds us in beautiful Central Oregon!

Benefits of exercising outside:

-Enjoy the great outdoors!

-Learn to work out on any hike or expedition!

-Build a chiseled, toned physique!

-Get tan!

-Reduce stress levels from being immersed in nature!

-Master uneven surfaces and improve your balance.

-Improve your grip and core strength with difficult movements and terrain.

Since outdoor training can sometimes require more time for setup (hiking to location etc.), this training is done in small classes of 3-5 people. If demand grows, these numbers may increase.